St. Patty’s at The Penmar

Gastro Tanks

Savory Brioche Style Donut, Blow Torched, Injected w/ Nitrous Charged Foam, Topped with Awesome Toppings.

Mix and Match Your Way!

3 Gastro Tanks for $15
10 Gastro Tank Package $45

Today's Tanks

St. Patty’s Brat Pack Tank

Irish Beer Cheese Foam + Torched Ground Bratwurst & Shredded Mozzarella + Mustard Caviar + Sauerkraut + Crispy Onions

Piston Pizza Tank

Mozzarella Foam + Torched Shredded Mozzarella + Tomato Basil Puree + Fresh Basil

Campfire Tank

Double Chocolate Foam + Torched Marshmallow Pillow & Graham Powder + Milk Chocolate Chunk

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